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Weight Loss Kickstart Program

A 6-month guided program for busy people who want to

shed those extra pounds . . .

WITHOUT giving up tacos!


The Weight Loss Kickstart Program will reopen May 10 - May 15, 2024. 
Class begins May 16th.

This is NOT just another generic weight loss program where you have to give up foods you love and survive on kale and tofu.

Nope! Those are not my people. 

My people are busy, stressed, focused on everything but themselves, and know they should eat "healthy" but need guidance on what that looks like in their own lives .  .  .  My people have never prioritized themselves, until now. 


They want to learn about real life ways to feed their families and eat well, but they also occasionally want to eat all the tacos.


If that sounds like a crowd you want to hang out with, then sign up now and join us.
Next round starts May 16th.

Art Exhibit

The Space Between Us

Explore artwork that captures the subtle connections and meaningful gaps that define the human experience.

What's Included:

Weekly Group Sessions
We meet every week to be sure you are staying focused and on track. Group sessions are online and they happen Thursdays from 11am-noon Mountain Time.
(Can't make that time every week? No worries. Keep reading.)

After many years of helping people, I created this curriculum using only the tools and strategies that have helped the most people be successful in losing weight and keeping it off. No more, no less. This Keeps it Simple. 

If you've tried to lose weight before and been unsuccessful, or if you have been successful, but it hasn’t stayed off, it's probably because you have never been taught how to do it right. In the weekly lessons, we will cover foundations, strategy, and mindset so you always know what to do next and how.

My students learn how to build habits that stick, how to stack them on top of each other, and how to make decisions today that their bodies and minds thank them for years down the road. They also learn how to listen to their internal selves when it comes to decision making and how to battle those negative thoughts we all get sometimes, especially when we are trying to drop some extra weight. 

And, of course, a program created by yours truly would not be complete without diving into the nutrition world. Because you KNOW that’s my favorite! In this section, I break down how to easily fuel your body with quality calories which will not only boost your weight loss now, it will also help you keep those habits when you get to the maintenance step. This Keeps it Sustainable. This way, you can lose those extra pounds for the last time.


Group coaching gives you the best of both worlds - a group of amazing humans to lean on for ideas, accountability, and support and 1:1 professional coaching to answer questions and guide you when you are feeling stuck.

(Because who wants to do this alone?? . . . No one.

Complete Suite of Video Lessons

The curriculum taught in the group sessions is also pre-recorded so that you can access it anywhere, anytime.

Can't meet Thursdays at 11am Mountain Time? I've got you. 
Miss a class? Catch up on demand. 

Want to hear something again? No problem. It’s all right there. 

Prefer to work on your own timeline? Work through the lessons at any pace.


The lessons are short, accessible from all devices, and completely customizable. They are tailored such that you can dive in and learn a bunch all at once, or take it slow and learn piece by piece. 

It's all there for you, with me as your guide both recorded and live - so you learn how to get off the roller coaster of yo-yo diets, create habits, and lose the weight ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Private Online Community
An off-social media space for coaching from me and connecting with others between sessions.

What's it like inside the Kickstart Community?
Well . . . We share recipes, health articles, and ideas. We motivate, empower, brainstorm, and cheer each other on.


We check in, evaluate, and look ahead at what's next. We pick each other up when it gets hard, we post for accountability, we keep each other on course, we ask questions and get help. 

As soon as you join, you can access all of it 24/7 to take care of yourself and keep your health and weight loss in focus. Get support and guidance every single day, both from me (your coach) and from all the like-minded members inside the program. 

The program strategy is simple and straightforward. 


Consistently tracking everything that goes in our mouths and then using that to inform decisions about changes we want to make. The community of like-minded people helps with commitment, sticking to our intentions, and prioritizing our goals, and personal coaching along with learning more about how our brains work are what make the program unique.

The combination of what you learn in the video lessons, the accountability from the community, and the endless support from me is what will get you to your ideal weight and help you stay there.

Sign up now to see for yourself how simple it can be to drop those extra pounds . . .
and keep them off!
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