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Let's Start at the Very Beginning

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

A wise and wonderful woman named Julie Andrews (while playing the role of Maria Augusta Kutschera) sang to the Von Trapp children, “Let’s start at the very beginning . . . a very good place to start.”

I couldn’t agree more.

No matter where you are on your health and wellness journey, no matter why you are reading this, it’s important to me that I explain a few things. First things first, I

want to help you. I want to meet you where you are, provide useful and simplified

information, and answer questions you have along the way. The Kiss Your Food site is always a work in progress, so any feedback you have or any topics you’d like to

suggest are most welcome! Please contact me with ideas. I love researching and translating the vast amount of information available so that it becomes clear, simple, and easy to utilize. For now, that is my primary goal . . . nothing more, nothing less.

Second most important thing to put out there is my philosophy. I am a firm believer in a whole body approach to health and wellness. Making sustainable changes to increase our health means more than just eating well and getting exercise. Mental health, positive social interactions, quality sleep, and many other factors all contribute to our overall health and wellness. My eventual goal is to cover the breadth of all these topics, but I plan to start with nutrition topics because that is where my current knowledge is strongest.

Throughout this site, you will find a combination of tips, links, articles, recipes, lists, and other means through which I intend to simplify the incredible amount of health and wellness information out there in the vast world. Thank you for joining me on this adventure and for being part of this network!

Here’s to Keeping it Simple and Sustainable,


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