Meal Planning . . .                       made Simple!

All Kiss Your Food Meal Plans include: 

  • Easy-to-follow, delicious, and healthy recipes hand-picked for you and tailored specifically to your needs, goals, and preferences

  • Itemized and categorized shopping list

  • Complete Meal Plan packet sent weekly, directly to your inbox

  • Continuous support from a Certified Nutrition Coach

  • Unlimited feedback capability with regard to overall preferences, individual recipes, and more. Possibilities are endless!​​

**Note: Prices will NEVER vary based on dietary restrictions, nutritional needs, wellness goals, food preferences, or any other health factors. Pricing is strictly determined by option chosen and number of meals desired. 

Free add-ons:

  • Optional nutritional profile including calories, macronutrients, vitamins/minerals and more!

  • Annual individual or family Goal Setting Session with Coach Kate

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