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A Warm Welcome!

My name is Kate Cleveland and I am a Certified Health Coach and the creator of Kiss Your Food. For many years, I have been passionate about giving people the information they need to fuel their bodies, balance their minds, and feel their best. I hold an MS in Molecular Toxicology with an emphasis in Nutritional Pathways, but more importantly, I have a deep desire to simplify nutrition and overall wellness so that it becomes a sustainable part of life. 

On a personal level, I am a mother of two adventurous young ladies who constantly make me laugh and do their best to keep my spouse and me on our toes. As a family, we love to hike, camp, fish, ski, garden, and explore the areas around our home in the mountains of northern New Mexico. Cooking together, playing a board game, or curling up with a good book brings smiles to all of our faces as well.   


Keeping it Simple

As busy as life is, it is hard to find time to take care of ourselves, so we all need to focus on solutions we can stick to. By Keeping It Simple, I can help you find easy ways to make changes that matter. Nutrition and health don't have to be complicated, they just need to fit your lifestyle and your goals. 

Here at Kiss Your Food, you will find many types of resources to guide you in your health journey, no matter where along that path you currently stand. My goal is to break down facts and mix in my own experiences and knowledge to help you live your best life.

Keeping It Sustainable

The more simplified we keep routines, habits, and activities in life, the more likely we are to adopt those practices long term. Nutrition, health, and wellness are not exceptions, though it is easy to get caught up in the quick fixes, flash diets, and health crazes. Taking a magic supplement or grabbing a quick protein shake seem enticing in the moment, but that is not a sustainable way of life.

My goal is to help you break down and simplify what your body needs so that you gain useful knowledge, develop small habits, and discover long-term wellness. Getting into healthy routines and keeping them so you can experience the lasting benefits!

No matter what step you are currently in your health journey, I am here to help. Whether you have nutrition or health questions, want support with motivation and accountability, or are here solely for information and ideas, I am available and want to help you.

While You Are Here . . .

Take a look around! The Blog contains ideas and experiences I'd like to share . . . from my family to yours! It also contains thoughts on what to eat, overall health, scientific breakthroughs, and more. Subscribe below to the email list or click here to be the first to know when a new post is up on The Blog! 

Also, be sure to check out the Services page where I answer some of your burning questions. What is coaching? How can my family benefit from it? What should I expect? and more! 

My final thought here before you set out to explore . . . Health and wellness goals are not easily achieved alone. I can help you in various ways, all dependent upon your needs and those of your family.

  • Eating right can be simplified through Meal Planning, especially if you have dietary restrictions or preferences that make it harder to figure out what to eat on your own. Even with the best intentions, without a game plan, it's easy to snack on things you don't intend to or hit the drive-thru on the way home from work.

  • Coaching packages are currently being set up for individuals and families.

  • Programs and Workshops are in the planning stages and I can't wait to share what's in store. 

I am thrilled to be able to help you and your family, whether you prefer to read articles to gather info and resources or take the dive with one of my Nutrition Services.

Congratulations on taking this important step on your wellness journey.

Thanks for being here,

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